Aug 04

The Lord Alfred has been lovingly renovated and restored by its new owners, to the grand hotel that first opened in 1868. Formerly known as Hotel LA, this popular Caxton Street hotel is being reimagined from the ground up, including 6 new bars over 3 levels and 14 large screens to enjoy all the key sporting events throughout the year.

Jun 29

Two years after designing their website the Qld Cricketers Club underwent a significant refurbishment to create a unique and stunning event space. This meant that the Club needed to rebrand to align more closely with the evolution of the Club, including the addition of the name the QC Club. This, of course, included a brand new website.

Jun 15

Redesigning the Qld Cricketers Club meant creating a new site that will appeal to a new younger members while balancing the need to keep a simple and familiar user interface for their older members.